“meet the crew”

Aboard Mermaid Monster

WHO: Braden is a business owner with a deep passion for adventure. Brooke is a licensed Captain and a professional photographer featured in major publications such as National Geographic (click link) BROOKES PHOTOGRAPHY SITE. Rooney has a passion for wildlife, art and design. Penn is curious, mischievous and quirky. The Palmers love their dogs Fraiser and Captain.

WHAT: Mermaid Monster is a 2008 Nordhavn 55ft yacht. She has twin diesel lugger engines.

WHEN: The Palmer family moved onto Mermaid Monster in July of 2018.

WHERE: With the mindset to circumnavigate the entire globe, the Palmer family will constantly be on the move. To find out their latest location, please visit their YouTube Channel (click link) ABOARD MERMAID MONSTER.

WHY:  That is something they are still trying to discover themselves. Both Braden and Brooke have a passion for the outdoors, especially the ocean, and they want to share that with their children. They did not want to “wait for a better time” to make the leap into this alternative lifestyle. Education is also a big factor in their decision to live life on the water. They believe in educating their children with hands on involvement and allowing their kids to discover life outside of their hometown. With no concrete plans, they will continue moving forward with the sea. “May we have fair winds and following seas.”